EVO Pro Gimbal Info Video – A Rebadged Zhiyun Smooth 4

EVO Pro Gimbal Test Review Video
EVO Gimbals has decided to throw some of their badges on a Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal and call it the new EVO Pro smartphone gimbal.

One big difference for the EVO Pro gimbal is EVO is saying that it will be FiLMiC Pro App Compatible in the near future. Possibly as soon as September of 2018. That would be great as the ZY play app has been a nightmare for most Android phone users. Let’s hope this is the case as Zhiyun’s phone app has caused a rash of gimbals to be returned and Zhiyun’s reputation to be tarnished.

The Evo Pro Feature Spec list:
• For use with most Smartphones1
• FiLMiC Pro App Compatible2
• Focus & Zoom Control Wheel
• Follow & Sport Mode Buttons
• Up To 12 Hours Run Time3
• Integrated Through-Put Charging4
• Portrait or Landscape Shooting
• Built-in Smartphone Charging
• Point to Point Time-lapse Modes
• Supports most Action & 360 Cameras5
• Includes EVO case & Tripod Stand

EVO Pro Gimbal Specifications:
Dimensions (LxWxH): 123mm x 105mm x 328mm
Operating Current: 120mA – 2500mA
Operating Temperature: 14F°-113F° (-10C° to 45C°)
Run-Time: Up to 12hrs
Gimbal Weight: 547g (unloaded)
Camera Payload: 75g – 210g
Tilt Axis Range: 240°
Roll Axis Range: 240°
Pan Axis Range: 300°
Battery: Li-Ion 18650
Charging Voltage: 4.7V – 5.5V
Charging Current: 500mA – 2000mA
Charging Input: 5V USB-C

You can find the EVO Pro here now.
Or you can get the Zhiyun Smooth 4 here.

2 thoughts on “EVO Pro Gimbal Info Video – A Rebadged Zhiyun Smooth 4

  1. I’m curious to know if you think Zhiyun is likely to do the same in terms of making their gimbal Android/Filmic Pro compatibile in the near future, or if it’s a safer bet to just by the Evo Pro. According to one of Evo Pro’s customer service reps (as of a few minutes ago), they are planning to be Filmic Pro compatible by early November 2018.

    1. Both gimbals are the exact same aside from label. Both are expected to work with filmic pro in the near future. They first said in September but now they as November. Maybe by Christmas.

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