Red Light Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal Failure Issue Problem Fix

Smooth 4 red light problem fix
Let’s fix your Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbals red light problem. The Zhiyun Smooth 4 has a few failures, problems and issues but overall it’s still a good smartphone gimbal. The Red Light failure problem is the most frequent. Your Smooth 4 gimbal will get over heated motors and stop working. You will get solid red light and it will just stop.

Almost always the problem with your Smooth 4 gimbal is that it is not balanced correctly. Please get the phone balanced as perfectly as possible before you start filming. It will put the least amount of stress on the motors when balanced. I have only had the red light issue once when I took the time to set up correctly.

This is how Zhiyun want you to achieve Smooth 4 phone balance:

Installation of phone on Smooth 4
Push and hold open the camera clamp,slide the smartphone in as close as possible against the tilt axis motor, and clamp on. You can also loosen the Mobile clamp thumb screw on the back and rotate the clamp to make the phone vertical.

Balance Smooth 4 gimbal
If the smartphone fails to sty in level and keeps tilting when mounted, loosen the Roll (Y) Axis Thumb Screw to adjust the center of gravity center by sliding the horizontal arm until the smartphone stays still and vertical on the tilt axis. Tighten the thumb screw after the smartphone is well balanced in level to ensure normal operations.

Proper adjustment of gravity center ensures better power saving during operation. The stabilizer may still function well when the gravity center is not properly configured, however, it may lead to more power consumption on the motors, and can greatly affect the torque output.

Smooth 4 red light balance fix

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8 thoughts on “Red Light Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal Failure Issue Problem Fix

    1. Red light means motor overload only. If it is not perfectly balanced you will get the error. When Smooth 4 is off and you balance it should stay parallel to the ground on it’s own. If it does before you turn it on and the light comes on after you start up you usually have a motor issue. If that is the case you will need to return it to Zhiyun.

  1. i accidentally opened the middle screw part and disconnected the circuit and can NOT connect it back. helppppp

  2. The phone is perfectly straight and balanced and still getting a red light I even get a red light when the phone is not on it, what next?

  3. I bought a new smooth 4 and bcs of not much knowledge i turn on the gimbal without any mobile and it was giving a lot of vibrations and after putting mobile device i feel motor is heating and small red light blink and i turn off gimbal.
    After some time i turn it on again and did proper balance its working good.
    My question is that is there any chances that motors will keep working good and much damage it get after this Bigger Shock ?

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