Fix Mavic Pro Gimbal Camera Motor Problem With Disassembly Video

DJI Mavic Pro gimbal overload error fix problem
How to fix problems with broken, damaged or non-working DJI Mavic Pro drone camera gimbal. This will help solve the gimbal overload error issue that cam happen after a crash or other damage your drone can take.

For the repair they used a laptop repairing kit to pop off the ribbon cables and help disassemble the damaged DJI Mavic Pro. You will also have to order a replacement ribbon cable. Just like this one – Flexible flat PCB ribbon cable for DJI Mavic Pro gimbal camera.

The DJI Mavic Pro drone is a great quadcopter but the camera gimbal is it’s weakest part and can be easily damaged in a crash. You can almost guarantee this will be a problem that you will run across at some point. It is worth it for regular users of the Mavic Pro to keep an extra ribbon for backup so it can be fixed on site if necessary. If you are using the Mavic Pro for a paid job having a back-up will keep you client happy.

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