Funky Homemade DIY Smartphone Gimbal From Household Items

Homemade DIY Smartphone Gimbal
How to make a homemade DIY smartphone gimbal out of items you can find laying around the house. This make your own gimbal video is a little odd, but will give you some ideas on items to made a gimbal out from.

Using tin cans, tape, a paint roller, a Swiffer floor mop, and some rubber bands these guys built a well designed smartphone gimbal. They even filmed some pretty good footage to show how well the gimbal performed in the field.

Other DIY gimbal videos and tips to tryout here.

The Tubers from the “COOPH” channel bring us this inspirational gimbal video. They received a few comments on some of there recent gimbal videos and were challenged to make a DIY gimbal designed for smartphone film makers. They used just their smartphone and a few items found around the home to we created a rig capable of filming stable footage of calm and high-speed action.

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