How To Counter Balance FeiyuTech FY G5 For Heavier Action Cams

Balance The FeiyuTech FY G5 For Heavier Action Cams
Some action cameras are heavier than a standard GoPro and need added ballast to get proper balance with the FeiyuTech FY-G5 gimbal. This video wil show you how to balance your FeiyuTech FY-G5 for better stability when shooting video.

Action cameras like the SJCAM SJ7 STAR are on the heavy side and you need to move the counter balance weight farther out for it to work correctly. Tuber ‘Brilliant Dragon’ uses a rubber washer to solve this issue.

The Rubber washer size used in the video is M5×12×1.5mm and can be found in most hardware and fastener stores. The rubber washer acts as a spacer the move the counter weight farther out from the center to cut down on the stress on the gimbal motors.

The FeiyuTech FY-G5 and accessories can be found here on the cheap.

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