Reasons The Pilotfly H2-45 Gimbal Is Better Than The Zhiyun Crane

Pilotfly H2-45 Gimbal Review and Test
The Pilotfly H2-45 Gimbal is not one of the most common DSLR sized camera gimbals sold in the USA. Mainly do to the lack of marketing here in the States. That gimbal market is flooded with varying versions of Zhiyun gimbals. Zhiyun get’s people hooked with their well made entry level gimbals and hopes they will buy one of their higher level models when they upgrade later. But, there are many other great companies making top level gimbal geared towwards the pro market. The Pilotfly H2-45 Gimbal is one worth taking a better look at.

Tuber ‘Tech Notice’ gives use his five top reasons he choose the Pilotfly H2-45 Gimbal over one of the Zhiyun Crane models.

In the video below he shares his five top reasons why he loves his Pilotfly H2-45 gimbal. He thinks most people in the world probably use Zhiyun Crane gimbals at least that’s what it seems to me, let me know in the comment section if he’s wrong. He put the Pilotfly gimbal through quite a few weddings, vlogs, youtube videos, commercial videos, and find it absolutely perfect for him at the moment. He is not saying it doesn’t have flaws, but it just works perfect for him.

We hope you like his five reasons why he’s happy that he choose the Pilotfly H2-45 as his gimbal.

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