Top Tips Tracking Shots You Can Get With Camera Gimbals

Top Tips Tracking Shots Using Gimbals
This video explains how to get the best cinematic style camera gimbal tracking shots using the new Zhiyun Crane 2. This gimbal allows for follow focus from the 3-Axis handheld gimbal stabilizer and can handle up to a 7 pound payload.

1. Profile tracking shots explained: How to walk with the gimbal and how to give a leading space so not to make your subject cramped up in the scene.

2. Front tracking shot: Techniques on how to walk backwards with the camera gimbal. Focal length and depth of field.

3. Rear tracking shot: Using the Rule Of Thirds and shooting over the shoulder.

These gimbal tracking shots can take a while to get the hang of. As with anything, practice makes perfect so get out there and shoot with these tips in mind. Hopefully this will improve your shooting it your next video project.

You can find the Zhiyun Crane 2 here he used in the instructional video and the mini tripod here.

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  1. These moves look pretty good. I can’t wait for it to stop raining here so I can take my Zhiyun smooth Q gimbal out and give it another go.

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