Zhiyun EVO 2 GoPro Gimbal First Look Video Info

Zhiyun EVO 2 GoPro Gimbal First Look Video
The soon to be released Zhiyun EVO2 GoPro Gimbal is a water splash resistant action camera stabilizer. The new Zhiyun gimbal is expected to be released just before Christmas near the end of 2018.

The Zhiyun EVO 2 GoPro Splash Proof Gimbal is designed to hold the GoPro Hero 5 and 6 action cameras.

The new Zhiyun EVO 2 will have a lot of improvements over the previous generation and also aquires some new features that are available on the Zhiyun Smooth 4. It gets new features like POV MODE, Phone-Go/BEAST Mode, Quick Mounting cage to quickly mount and remove the GoPro from the EVO2 and control over the GoPro by way of phone APP, recharging the GoPro while using the EVO2 and being Zhiyun First Splash proof gimbal. The price has not been set yet.

Zhiyun EVO 2 can keep your camera very still and stable when shooting slo-mo at 1080p, 240fps, and helps the smoothness in video when shooting at 4K 60fps. You can see no degradation in video quality even when playing 10 times slower speed.

Thanks to Tuber ‘chungdha’ for the video and screen cap.

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