Zhiyun Smooth Q Gimbal Rubber Pistol Grip Accessory For Better Handling

Grip for Zhiyun Smooth Q
The Zhiyun Smooth Q gimbal can be hard for small hands to control. Adding a rubber or silicone grip to your phone stabilizer will give you better contol and feel when shooting video on your GoPro or phone.

The handle on the Smooth Q is thicker than most camera gimbals on the market. A bicycle grip works well on slim handle gimbals like the Crane-M or the Crane V2. Thy just won’t work on the Smooth Q. With the Smooth Q gun and pistol grips work better and the inner diameter is much larger.

In the video below it show how well this pistol grip fits the Smooth Q. It still allows you to get to the USB and charging ports on the gimbal. The added finger slots on the grip helps keep a better hold when working the control buttons on the Zhiyun gimbal.

The addition of mounting a small tripod to the bottom of the Smooth Q will let you use your other hand for more support. It will also enable your to hold the gimbal much higher over your head to get those drone-like shots from above. When done filming you will be able to safely site your gimbal down without having to lay it on it’s side.

You can find the pistol grip in the video for the Smooth Q here at a good price.

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