Cheap Stabilizer vs Powered Camera Gimbal – Which Is Best For You

Cheap Stabilizer vs Powered Camera Gimbal which is best
Powered electronic camera gimbal versus an old school cheap, weighted, hand stabilizer for video work. How close in quality are the two and is it worth spending the extra cash for the upgrade. Tuber Nigel Barros takes some test videos to show off what each product can do for you.

Similar cheap camera stabilizer used can be found Here.
This compact handheld system takes away the need for tripods or dolly’s, giving videographers the ability to create smooth videos while the camera is in motion.

The electronic handheld gimbal he used in the video can be found Here.
Some features of the gimbal –
Intuitive APP inspires your creativity: integrated virtual joystick to control the shooting angle; iSteady Gear will remember your personal settings and repeat the same moving shots over and over again
Max payload up to 2.5kg (5.51 lbs), wide compatible with main stream brands DSLRS and Mirrorless Cameras
Independently developed attitude a algorithm, optimized stabilizing image system
Screen touch for zoom, take photo/ video
2*18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery offer a 12 hours long running time.

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