What Happens When You Put A Camera Gimbal On A Gimbal ?

Camera Gimbal on Another Gimbal Test
What will happen if you mount a camera on a gimbal on a camera gimbal? Well this stabilizer video walks us through the steps and what kind of results we can expect from this gimbal trick.

In the video below he takes a GoPro and mounts it on a Feiyu Tech WG2 3-Axis Portable Gimbal first. Then he installs that on top of a Fosicam FM1-45 medium size camera gimbal.

He goes through the steps of testing the various stabilized video quality. First just mounting the camera on a stick, next mounting the GoPro camera to the Feiyu Tech WG2 and testing. Then he goes bigtime when he mounts the GoPro on both the Feiyu Tech WG2 and the Fosicam FM1-45 gimbal.

Please thank Christopher Burress for his video and testing of the stabilizers. Please visit his channel.

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