How To Use Gimbal And Monopod For Cinematic Video Crane Shots

Camera Gimbal And Monopod For Cinematic Shots

Want to learn how to use your Camera Gimbal and Monopod to get great cinematic crane shots? These techniques can also be used to make faked drone movement shots when you are in areas that don’t allow drones to be flown.

If you put together the Zhiyun Crane V2 or other camera Gimbal with a monopod you can produce some fantastic crane or jib shots that look very similar to drone footage. The Crane gimbal and monopod combo is a great indie film tool for creative cinematography scenes to put in your your video productions.

The Zhiyun Crane, along with a monopod lets you get up high and down low shooting angles with one big sweeping motion without the need large and pricey gear like a real crane or boom jib. You will be able to create some beautiful gimbal shots with this set-up.

In the video below he used the Zhiyun Crane V2 with the Sony a6500 and a Manfrotto monopod for all of the gimbal shots and his Sony a7s for the behind the scenes footage of the gimbal/monopod set-up.

One thought on “How To Use Gimbal And Monopod For Cinematic Video Crane Shots

  1. I would be so afraid that my gimbal would snap off and my whole camera rig would come crashing down in a busted heap on the concrete. You would need to use a high quality monopod for this to work. Some discount brand monopod would break for sure.

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