How To Balance Zhiyun Weebill Gimbal And Setup For Video

Balance Zhiyun Weebill Gimbal
Setting up the new Zhiyun Weebill Gimbal is easy if you follow these instructions. Chung Dha is an expert when it comes to the Zhiyun Weebill and many other camera gimbals. In the video he gives us the tips to get filming as fast as possible.

In the video below Chung Dha is showing you the new method of balancing the Zhiyun Weebill gimbal. It a different setup method as its balances different than the gimbals of other styles. the Zhiyun Weebill is made easier to balance with the new lock mechanisms make it possible to lock down each motors so you can easy concentrate on balancing each of the motors correctly.

Zhiyun Weebill info:

Nov 9, 2018 release date.
Holds 6.61 lb / 3 kg
10-Hour Runtime
Secondary Handgrip
Wireless HD Image Transmission
Synchronous Zoom & Focus Control
ViaTouch Control System Touch Panel
Aviation Grade Motors
Includes Follow Focus Motor
Downloadable Phone App
Requires 2 x 18650 Batteries
Includes Tripod

You can buy the Zhiyun Weebill here at a good price.

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