How To Fix Broken Feiyu Tech WG Gimbal When Stops Working And Spins Free

Fix Broken Feiyu-Tech WG Gimbal repair
The Feiyu Tech WG gimbal can break and have problems like most stabilizers. The Feiyu Tech WG has an issues that is very common to the Feiyu Tech FY-WG, WG2 Pro, and FY-WGS gimbals. That is one of the connector clips comes undone very easily and disables the top mount motor from working properly.

The issue starts when the gimbal motor gets spun around too fast and it causes the electronic connector to pull out of it’s mount. This can be fixed by taking the cover off the motor and snapping the connector back in to place. The cord is very short and can be hard to get back in. Removing the batteries to start will keep from damaging the motor and electronics. Also a pair if tweezers can help to plug it back in.

Thanks Tuber ‘A Rambling Man’s Life’ for the video and the screen grab.

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