MOZA AirCross Gimbal Review Test With Footage

MOZA AirCross Gimbal Review Test And Info
Taking a look at the MOZA AirCross Camera Gimbal. We get a review of the medium weight (4lb) carrying stabilizer.

Corbyn Tyson of ‘DSLR Video Shooter’ is the guy that gives us the low-down on the entry level camera gimbal that ticks off most of the boxes for an amature video shooter.
Some basic specs on the MOZA AirCross:

The MOZA AirCross has a Maximum Payload weight of 3.9 Lb, is a ultra-lightweight and portable camera stabilization system for mirrorless cameras and pocked digital cameras, including Sony A7SII/A6500/A6300/A9/R X100, Panasonic GH3/4/5/G85/G7, Canon M6/5 (One year warranty)

The MOZA AirCross can start long-exposure motion time-lapse shooting by the MOZA APP and required USB cables. Shutter time, duration, intervals and path can be defined. The integrated, two-button hand grip control provides directional control and mode selection at your fingertips.

The baseplate for mounting camera is compatible with any quick release plates ranging from 50.5mm to 55mm, making it the world’s 1st gimbal that fits well both the Manfrotto 501PL and Arca quick release plate.

The MOZA AirCross can last up to 12 hours. A DC output port for connecting to your Sony or Panasonic dummy battery (sold separately), and a 12.6V DC input on the handgrip for attaching a third-party power bank can help you avoid running out of camera and gimbal power over long video outings.

Find the MOZA AirCross Gimbal here at a fair price.

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