Zhiyun Crane Plus On DIY Slider Setup Using POV Mode Tips and Tricks

Zhiyun Crane Plus Gimbal slider
Tips for getting some great slider shots when using the Zhiyun Crane Plus or any other camera gimbal. This gimbal tutorial show how to us a slider and a tripod to get crane moments and good panning shots.

This DIY gimbal slider setup uses a Sony A7S in a camera rig mounted on the Zhiyun Crane Plus. In the video ‘Momentum Productions’ going to show you how to use your gimbal in a completely nontraditional way. He turns it into a motorized jib.

Zhiyun Crane Plus Features:
1. A massive capable payload of 5.5lbs
2. Motion memory
3. Newly implemented POV (Point of View) mode
4. Intelligent object tracking
5. Nightlapse
6. All-in-one Design: Comes with a camera control cable realize synchronous operation on both your camera and stabilizer like taking a photo or zooming. Combined with a dedicated phone APP – ZY Play, Crane Plus helps to realize various advanced shootings, like motion timelapse and panoramas. In the event when a SONY camera is connected: Push the Shifter Lever in T direction to zoom out and in W direction to zoom in.
7. Full set of accessories: Anti-Slip sweatband (for extended use) Camera Cables for Controlling and Charging Your Compatible Camera Aluminum tripod for setting your Crane Plus down and using as an extended grip for better feel.

Here is a list of the items used in the slider video:

Get the Zhiyun Crane Plus HERE

Fancier Tripod Here

Slider Here

Aputure 1/2W LED Panel Here

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