Pro Tips And Tricks For Shooting Video With Camera Gimbals

Tips and Tricks for Shooting Video with Camera Gimbals
Are you are looking to get the best shots with your camera gimbal. Well, you need to gather all the tips and info you can get from the pros. This gimbal help video with tips and tricks will show you some inside know how that professional cinematographers use.

Some of the methods used in this handheld camera gimbal video are:

Steadicam-Style Tracking Shots – Using your gimbal to follow your subjects around to shoot tracking shots.

Smooth Pans and Tilts mimicking a Tripod – Using your gimbal as you would with a tripod for smooth rotations.

Still shots with little to no movement without a tripod – Use the gimbal to try to eliminate all movement, simulate standard tripod shot.

Camera Crane Shots – Squat down and brace your arms, and then slowly stand up.

Mimic Slider Movements – Slowly move you body in a fluid motion up, down or to the side.

He used a CAME-TV Optimus 3-Axis Camera Gimbal in his shots which is great but I have found the less expensive Zhiyun Crane V2 works almost as well for less than half the cost.

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