Shooting Zhiyun Crane M Gimbal And Panasonic G85 12-60mm Kit Lens Combo

Panasonic G85 and Crane M Gimbal with 12-60mm
The Zhiyun Crane M Gimbal still stabilizes well even at it’s limit. Testing out the Crane-M with the Panasonic G85 / G80 and 12-60mm kit lens.

The Zhiyun Crane-M Gimbal has a stated weight limit of 650 grams. The Panasonic G85 with battery and SD card comes in at 505g and the 12-60mm F3.5-5.6 lens weights 210g with the two combining for 715g. At 65 grams over the limit this test video shows just how well the Crane-M gimbal can preform when overloaded.

If you have the Panasonic G85 with 12-60mm kit lens combo you may want to look at one of the larger gimbals from Zhiyun like the Zhiyun Crane V2 that holds up to 1800g. That would allow you to use it later if you upgraded to a LUMIX GH5 or a G9 camera body. This would also allow for much larger and heavier lenses to go with it.

The Crane-M is a relatively light weight gimbal so it should be easy to single hand hold it like he does in the video below. Many people may not be able to do that if they choose a much heavier gimbal instead. But, you will be hard pressed to find another gimbal at that low of a price that can still carry 700+ grams of weight.

Please thank tuber ‘SC Things‘ for the video and the screen grab.

If you still want the lightest gimbal you can get that will be able to carry the G85 with kit lens then you can buy the Crane-M here on sale for only $239 while they last.

One thought on “Shooting Zhiyun Crane M Gimbal And Panasonic G85 12-60mm Kit Lens Combo

  1. The Crame-M gimbal is highly underrated. It is small and light and can carry mid-sized mirrorless cameras like the a6000, a6300, a6500 cameras along with many of the Panasonic and Olympus MFT shooters. I use mine with my Pen-F Oly, my Yi action cam and my iPhone with great results. If I had a big DSLR I would use a much bigger gimbal but I don’t have one so the Crane-M does it all for me.

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