Snoppa M1 Review With Gimbal Test Footage and Help Tips Video

Snoppa M1 Review Test Video
The Snoppa M1 3 axis gimbal is one of the smallest new style design phone and GoPro stabilizers to come out in 2018. In this review of the Snoppa M1 gimbal Kitty of Atola Visuals gives us the lowdown on how well this new design works.

The Snoppa M1 is the most advanced 3-axis gimbal says the Snoppa company. The M1 stabilizer lets anyone shoot great professional-looking video right from their phone. Snoppa designed the M1 with real-world use in mind. They wanted a gimbal that was quick and easy to setup, highly portable, and had intuitive controls, and are confident that the M1 3-axis gimbal achieves those goals.

Snoppa M1 tips

The Snoppa M1 has a unique 3 axis system – The M1’s 3-axis system gets rid the need for a joystick, just point your arm in the direction you want to take video and the camera will follow. You won’t miss anything because of a slow pan through joystick controls like on other small gimbals.

This is the first 3-axis smartphone gimbal that works without motor arms or extra weights. With the M1’s advanced 3-axis stabilizing algorithm, and powerful electronic hardware, it can easily detect the smartphone’s position, and control the on board motors to compensate arm gitters and stop blurry videos.

The Snoppa M1 is available now here so take a look.

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