Tilta Gravity G2X Gimbal Test And Review Video That Has 8lb Payload

Tilta Gravity G2X Gimbal Test And Review
Testing out the Tiltamax Gravity G2X Compact Camera Gimbal with full details and set-up video. The is one of the few signal handed gimbals that can hold up to an eight pound payload weight.

The Tilta Gravity G2X Gimbal is geared towards the higher end filmmaking market. The gimbal allows for very heavy DSLR cameras and lenses without putting a large amount of stress on the motors. All of this in a small package that can be used with just one hand, though it takes a strong hand to control that amount of weight.

Some of the basic info about the gimbal from Tilta Technology Co., Ltd:

The Tilta Gravity G2X is a compact handheld gimbal system for: mirrorless DSLRS, DSLRS, Smartphones, and GoPros. It has four user modes and is compatible with the TILTA Assistant App via Bluetooth, for greater calibration of features. Two rosettes on the handle allow for the mounting of various accessories to customize your rig with your needs. A 14.8V DC output allows you to power your optional accessories and a 5V MiniUSB can power the Nucleus-Nano Motor.

Basic specs on the Tilta Gravity G2X:

3.953 lbs
(With Balancing Plate, Baseplate with Riser, No Lens Support, No Batteries, No Camera)

19 Inches (Top of Hot Shoe Mount to Base of Balancing Plate)
Note: Height may vary depending on height of camera.

Gimbal Body Only:
Length: 9 Inches (may vary depending on camera)
Depth: 6.5 Inches (may vary depending on camera)

Handle Only:
Length: 3 Inches
Depth: 1 Inch

Balancing Plate Only:
Lenght: 5 Inches
Depth: 4 1/2 Inches

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