Help Balancing Panasonic G85 On Zhyiun Crane Gimbal

Balancing Panasonic G85 On Zhyiun Crane
The Panasonic G85 can be a little hard to get balanced on the Zhyiun Crane, V2 and Crane-M, gimbals. This video will give you some tips on getting the G85 camera mounted and properly balanced on your Zhyiun Crane gimbal.

This Zhyiun Crane gimbal balance hack uses an aluminum quick release mounting plate. The mounting plate helps center the back heavy weight of the G85 camera. Also allows and speeds up how fast you can take the camera on and off the gimbal without need to readjust the weight each time you use the Crane gimbal.

Please thank Tuber ‘Focus Media’ for all the help with set-up and fine-tuning of the gimbal and his time to make the how-to video.

The mounting plate he uses is made by Neewer and has a longer than normal mounting surface which lets you move the Panasonic G85 camera farther forward.

You can find Zhyiun Crane Gimbals here at a good price.

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