Wearing Full Sized Mirrorless Camera And Zhiyun Gimbal Mountain Bike Ride Video

Mirrorless DSLR with Gimbal mountain biking
Have you ever though of using a full sized mirrorless or DSLR camera gimbal on a off-road bike ride? You know, a big one like a Zhiyun Crane, V2, Crane M, EVO Rage, Andoer AFI, or similar. Well this guy straps on his new Zhiyun Crane-M loaded up with a Panasonic G7 and goes bouncing off into the woods on his mountain bike. What do you thinks is going to happen?

Well. Seth of Seth’s Bike Hacks decided it would be a great idea to take his brand new Zhiyun Crane-M along with his Panasonic G7 out on the train to get some footage. He built what he calls a chest mounted Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Stabilizer Rig. It was a combination of several GoPro brackets, an expensive handheld stabilizer, and a late night of tinkering.

Some info on the gimbal he used for the ride:
Zhiyun Crane-M
12 hours running time with included 26500 lithium batteries.
360° unlimited movments separately in 3 axes under locking mode. Inversion and handheld shooting.
Tool-less mounting system makes it possible to complete balance adjustment within 1 minute.
Handles Sony Cams Zoom in and Zoom out System/Photograph/Recording by plugging into a Zhiyun Control Cable(Sold Separately).
APP and Bluetooth connecting for phone control. Face Tracking and Modes Switch in video/photo are available by APP.

You can buy the gimbal he used (Zhiyun Crane-M) here along with his Panasonic G7 here.

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