Zhiyun Crane 2 vs Crane v2 vs Crane Plus Best Gimbal For DSLR Or Mirrorless Cameras

Zhiyun Crane Plus vs Crane 2 vs Crane v2 Best Gimbal
Which is the best DSLR gimbal between the Zhiyun Crane Plus vs Crane 2 vs Crane v2 for heavy payloads. These are 3 of the best selling camera gimbals on the market and each are very well built.

Zhiyun Crane 2 Max weight payload: 7 pounds (3175 grams)
Zhiyun Crane v2 Max weight payload: 3.96 pounds (1800 grams)
Zhiyun Crane Plus Max weight payload: 5.51 pounds (2500 grams)

All three of these Zhiyun DSLR and Mirrorless gimbals will work with the Zhiyun ZY Play APP.

The Smartphones listed below have been tested and are compatible with the Zhiyun ZY Play APP. If your phone is not listed, please confirm before your purchase.

ZY Play Requires iOS 9.0 or Later Version.

iPhone SE、iPhone 6、iPhone 6 Plus、iPhone 6s、iPhone 6s Plus、iPhone 7、iPhone 7 Plus、iPhone 8、iPhone 8 Plus、iPhone X

ZY Play Requires Android 5.0 or Later Version.

Google Pixel2、Google Pixel2 XL、Google Pixel、Google Pixel XL、Google Nexus 6、Google Nexus 6p、Google Nexus 5x
Samsung S8、Samsung S8+、Samsung S7, Samsung S7 edge、Samsung S6、Samsung S6 edge、Samsung S5、Samsung Note8、Samsung Note7Huawei P10、Huawei P10 Plus、Huawei P9、Huawei Mate 10、Huawei Mate 9、Huawei Mate 8、Huawei Mate S
Oneplus 5、Oneplus 5T、Oneplus 3、Oneplus 3T
Xiaomi 6、Xiaomi 5、Xiaomi 5s、Xiaomi 4、Redmi Note 4x、Redmi Note 3
Smartisan NUT Pro 2、Smartisan U1 Pro
Oppo R9s
Vivo X7

Get these great Gimbals here:

Zhiyun Crane Plus – HERE
Zhiyun Crane 2 – HERE
Zhiyun Crane v2 – HERE

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