Zhiyun Smooth Q Gimbal Tips Tricks and Hacks When Using ZY Play APP

Zhiyun Smooth Q Gimbal Tips Tricks and Hacks
When you first get the Zhiyun Smooth Q or Smooth 3 you should download the ZY Play APP on your android or Apple device. This will allow you access to all of your new stabilizer’s functions. These tips, tricks, and hacks in the video below will fast track you to better shooting.

The Zhiyun-tech designed ZY Play APP works not only as an helper app for basic settings and firmware upgrade on Zhiyun stabilizers, but can your phone to the stabilizer by way of Bluetooth, giving you enhanced camera operations for full time controls that brings more creative freedom on your mobile content creation projects.

This video walk you through the included video functions of the Zhiyun-tech app. This gives you access to detailed settings, Slow-motion, Time Lapse, Motion Moving Time Lapse, Quality, Calibrations. You can also set custom movements – Walking and custom motion levels.

With out a doubt, the most used feature of the app is Object Tracking. By touching a small icon at the lower left of the phone screen, and then opening a box around an object, the app will then make the Smooth gimbal move so that object in kept in the frame at all times. This works no matter how you pan or tilt the body of the Smooth stabilizer, or how the subject moves about.

You can find the Smooth Q and accessories for your gimbal like, mics, cables, mini tripods, brackets, remotes and more here.

2 thoughts on “Zhiyun Smooth Q Gimbal Tips Tricks and Hacks When Using ZY Play APP

  1. With a 26650mAh built in battery, will the Smooth Q not prove to be a security problem when taking it as part of your hand luggage especially within China where high wattage powerbanks are restricted?

    1. The batteries are removable on Smooth 3 and a 3.7 volt 26650mAh is only rated at 98.605wh. The China max is 100wh. The Smooth Q only has one 26650mAh built in. Therefore it is OK to carry.

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