Zhiyun Telescopic Gimbal Monopod Review Test And Tips Video

Zhiyun Telescopic Gimbal Monopod Review Test And Tips
The Zhiyun Telescopic Monopod is made for gimbals like Zhiyun Crane 2, Zhiyun Crane Plus, Zhiyun Crane V2, Zhiyun Crane-M, MOZA Air, MOZA AirCross, and other handheld gimbals that weighs less than 15Lbs.

This is an oversized monopod made to handle the extra weight of a gimbal and camera rig. It also has a much thicker bolt and mounting plate on top to better withstand the added torque place at the contact point. Smaller, weaker, monopods will not be able to handle the weight when you hold a camera gimbal out in a horizontal position. This added protection is well worth a few dollars more over a standard monopod. I for one would not want my camera rig snapping off and hitting the ground when filming with a cheap monopod.

‘Momentum Productions’ gives us some tips on how to correctly use the Zhiyun Telescopic Gimbal Monopod.

Zhiyun Telescopic Gimbal Specs:

Aluminum Abs Alloy Monopod: 15.2 Lbs Payload Provides A Extremely Sturdy Strong Support That Gives You A Feeling of Complete Control When Used On A Shoot
5 Sections Extenadable Monopod with Detachable Stand: Min Height:17.32 inch and Maximum Height: 51.18 inch
Poka-Yoke Design: The Monopod Can Only Be Retracted When Pressing The Push Button in Case of Any Misoperation
Bi-Directional Mounting Design: You Can Mount Your Camera from Either Sides. The 1/4″-3/8″ Threads Open up to More Possibilities of Equipment Combination
Universal Joint Base: Equipped with A Universal Joint Base, Providing Full-Angle Flexiblity for Shooting

Find the Zhiyun Telescopic Gimbal here at a good price.

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