How To Calibrate Zhiyun Crane Gimbal For Best Balance Video

How To Calibrate Zhiyun Crane Gimbal M and V2
This way to calibrate your Zhiyun Crane gimbal also works for the Crane M, and Crane V2. The images in the Zhiyun Crane owners manual for adjusting the calibration can be hard to see and decipher. The set-up walk-through video goes through all the steps to help fix performance issues with your camera stabilizer.

If, after finishing the calibration process, your camera is still not level, you can fine tune the pitch and roll axes using the Zhiyun Assistant app. Connect to the app by way of Bluetooth, then go to the Stabilizer Settings menu. Pitch and roll can be adjusted in increments from +5 to -5 degrees.

You can find the latest versions of Zhiyun gimbals here along with the latest accessories to go with you stabilizers.

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