How To Fix Zhiyun Crane M Gimbal Problem Hitting RX100 Camera

How To Fix Zhiyun Crane M Gimbal Problem
When using the Zhiyun Crane M Gimbal with the Sony RX100-RX100V you may have noticed it hits the body when balanced correctly. The big issue is that the RX100 camera has a tripod mount that is off center. It makes the camera sit too fare to the outside of the gimbal mount. We need to fix that by getting the camera more centered.

Notice how the grip tripod mount is farther over.

There are a few ways to do this. The easiest way to center the Sony RX100 better is to buy a grip that moves the tripod mount over to the middle like most cameras. You have to spend a little money but it is fast. Just screw it to the base of the RX100, RX100II,RX100III, RX100IV, or RX100V. Then mount and balance it on the Zhiyun Crane M Gimbal like normal. You will now find it does not hit and bind when you switch from upright to hanging downward mode. Problem solved.

Zhiyun Crane m Fix RX100 problem hitting
Cut or grind out the slot farther towards the motor where the yellow dot is.

A harder way to stop the Zhiyun Crane M from binding it to drill out the mounting plate on the slider. By drilling or grinding the slider hole more towards the motor it will just clear when spinning. That cut out allows the camer to move over just enough to balance without having to move the slider so far in on the back motor. This could void your warranty but it was well worth it for me to not have to add a new grip.

If you drill out your plate, take your time and think about how far you will need to cut it over. Test as you go. Some people may have to cut more than others to get it correct. You may also need to add a washer on the bottom if you have to cut all the way to the thick part of the slider.

The video below will show you how well this works with the new grip. He also shows you how to balance it better.

You can find the RX100 grip here and more Zhiyun Crane M accessories here.

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  1. Thanks so much for this. I was sick of my Sony RX100V banging on my gimbal when I flipped it over. I was afraid to drill the mount out so I bought the grip in the link. I already had a stick-on grip that I liked a lot. Cool thing with the new metal grip is that you can unbolt the upper part from the plate and use just the bottom part if you want to get it level. It works great now with no hitting the Crane M when flipped around.

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