Best Way To Balance The Crane-M Gimbal By Zhiyun-tech

Best Way To Balance The Crane-M Gimbal
If you just bought a Zhiyun Crane-M gimbal you are going to have to learn how to balance your cameras. This how to video will walk you through all the steps it take to get your Crane M dialed in correctly.

The Basic Pilot channel gives us the tips below. Here is how he balances his Zhiyun Crane-M with a variety of cameras, including the Canon G7X II. This is not a detailed review of all the Zhiyun Crane-M gimbal features, it’s just how he balances it for his various cameras.

Balancing a gimbal is a bit of an art. You can learn to set it up each time in a quick manner but getting it dialed in perfectly take some time to learn. Practice, practice, practice, taking off the camera and reattaching to the gimbal. That way when your out in the field and need to setup quickly it won’t be a big problem.

You can find Zhiyun Crane-M gimbals and accessories here at a good price.

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