Camera Gimbal Vs Steadicam Stabilizer – Which Is Better And Why To Use Each

Camera Gimbal Vs Steadicam Stabilizer
Are new style powered camera gimbals that much better than the original type of stabilizers like the Glidecam or Steadicam? In this video we take a look at what advantage each style of stabilizer my have over the other.

When stabilizers first hit the video scene people were amazed at how well they reduced camera shake. They gave the average Joe the ability to get smooth flowing video closer to what movie studios produced. Steadicam, Glidecam, and other manual handheld gimbals produced much improved footage. They were the best consumer level tools most people could afford. Now we are seeing a flood of powered, electronically stabilized camera gimbals arriving on the market.

Do the new battery powered models like the Zhiyun Crane, FeiyuTech, EVO RAGE, and others make that much better videos? The video below shows you some of the diffences and why you may still want to use and old Steadicam over your new MOZA Air Handheld Gimbal.

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