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Best Chest Mount Wearable Camera Gimbals For Action Sports
Chest mounts for wearable camera gimbals like the YI Gimbal, EVO SS, or FeiyuTech WG2 can be hit or miss. After testing quite a few chest mounts over the years I think this is probably the most stable and comfortable gimbal mount you can buy at the consumer level.

‘MTB Plan B’ shows us the best way to mount your action cam gimbal on the STUNTMAN Chest Harness. Then takes it out for a test ride with the EVO SS mounted on the gimbal cheat harness.

I have found this to be the most solid and secure mount I have worn. Must less vibration and flopping around when compared to cheap Chinese GoPro chest harness mounts.

Info on the STUNTMAN Chest Harness for Action Cameras:

A large chest plate and soft, double strength elastic straps for maximum stability and comfort. Made in the USA.

360 degree ball joint allows adjustment of camera height and angle with a single thrumbscrew.

The chest plate is made of shock-absorbing polyurethane elastomer that reduces camera shake and increases body comfort.

Compatible out of the box with all action cameras from GoPro, Sony Action Cam, 360fly, Contour, Drift Innovation, Garmin, ISAW, JVC, Kodak, Nikon, Olfi, Olympus, Panasonic, Ricoh, Rollei, SJCam, TomTom, Veho, Yi Technology. Also works with point-and-shoot cameras and handheld camcorders that have a universal 1/4-20 tripod socket.

Also includes a Direct Adapter for mounting gimbals or other accessories that use a 1/4-20 tripod mount.

Find the STUNTMAN Chest Harness here at a fair price.

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